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I Need(The Dead Snake Engineer)

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                    NEED! needneedneedneedneedneedneed 

                    Need! take heed of need

                    need needs no numbers

                    need needs no names

                    no not  no net  no noose needs need

                    need needs nothing

                    no never

                    not need

                    I need. i need a code word for the afterlife

                    ready, in effect

                    before conscious thought takes over

                    before a wrong action

                   from a good intention occurs

                   a selfish sacrifice

                   when you know there is something to gain

                   like the moon and the planets

                  or a bicycle wheel

                  a wooden arrow

                  or a hard piece of steel

                  i need a transformer

                 so i can be transmogrified

                 so i can be gentrified

                 so i can be fonzi

                 and follow the vessel

                 the star of my sleeping sky

                my muse when the eyes are open

                i need a telepathicary

                to show me what is right in front of me

                to show me what i choose not to see

                or who to believe

                like the priests of my youth

                whose fingers were loose

                who supposedly only live for the truth

                i don’t believe in anything

                i’ll trade it all in for a cup of tea

                i believe in everything

                it’s just not that important to me

                it’s just that it’s not open to me

                it’s closed from some form of trickery

                some devious plan to control me

                entrap, ensnare, and enroll me

                at twentyone percent annually

                sometimes it feels like a bad dream

                like a memory of a sleastack

                or a broken bells crackled yell

                an earthquake chasm straight to hell

                and i fight to keep my feet above the ground

                i fight to remember to breathe

                to see beyond the pollution of light

                beyond the dillusion of might

                beyond the glare of awareness

                i need to be part of something bigger than myself

                bigger than what i can give

                with this body

                 bigger than the bloom of my self importance

                 deeper than the first visual symbol

                 of a word

                 to the primal lingual taproot

                 the greatest gamblers trap shoot

                 the golden egg

                 the sacred journey home

                 the meandering river

                 the writhing snake

                  i need to coil and strike while the iron is hot

                  under the golden arches

                  preaching the real thing

                  to a deregulation nation

                  on unleaded embediments

                  with psychic empediments

                  i need to get rid of time

                  i need to regulate entropy

                  i need to reconcile private property

                  i need to face what i want to hide from

                  i need to seek the truth

                  at whatever the cost

                  i need to believe that the ideal can become real

                  i need to overcome my fear of death

                  i need to know

                  that i will never know

                  and it’s ok for me to let go

                  i need to sit and do nothing



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May 10, 2010 at 2:28 am

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am, have, and will be
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February 24, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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beach blanket babylon

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beach blanket babylon

take me on a boat to avalon

to a house made with bones from a mastadon

and i’ll sing you a song that the road made long Read the rest of this entry »

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February 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

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